Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

After a week of competition and days of deliberation, we have a winner, of this, the very first ODeck Deck Off.

First, we must give a huge round of applause for our competitors: Captain Max and DrillPress, for so aptly and enthusiastically agreeing to this crazy idea. I fully believe the ODeck hasn't seen such delight and merriment. All their contributions and smack talk made this past week just a joy to be a part of.

A big thanks to Gray-Lensman and x84jdh for quite possibly the best commentary I have ever seen. If you have not read it yet, you must. I know Captain Max emailed Ria about it, so hopefully we'll see some recognition for it on the main page because it is truly a thing of beauty that must be shared with the world.


And finally, you! Deckers, I'm so glad you participated in this week with your comments and votes. It was a rousing success!

So, what does the winner receive? As promised, here is my signature clip-art award:


May we all strive to be as cool as a Michael Jackson video.

A week of poetry, jokes, fan fic, comments and an epic GIF battle have culminated in this, our winner:

(Drumroll, please...)




It was an extremely close race and both sides performed admirably. Hugs for everyone!!

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