Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Decker Pen Pal Club

Literate Deckers! Do I have an offer for you!

There seemed to be some interest in the Pen Pal program, so I shall now start it officially.


SO this is open to everyone! If you want to participate, email me (liztaylorsearrings at gmail dot com) your ODeck name, real name and mailing address. You can also DM it to me on Twitter (@LTsEarrings). If your Twitter handle is different from your ODeck name, let me know so I know who you are!

I will use super-sophisticated personality matching algorithms and match you with your perfect pen pal!

I'll leave this up for a little while to accumulate valuable marketing information, I mean participants, and then you'll get a note from me on your new best (mail) friend!

* I promise not to be careless/mean with your information. I might be evil and obnoxious, but signing you all up for Scientology pamphlets is just cruel *

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