1) SPOILERS from here on out. Ye be warned. 2) This post will be re shared on the regular so PLEASE post your thoughts and comments here, and not make a new post. Or else crashed will yell. If someone else made the exact same comment jut go ahead and make yours anyway. Let the joy flow through you 3) Another spoilers warning. Seriously.


Broken gibberish in point form:

It's so goddamn funny.

Like, I was howling. The whole theatre was howling. ESPECIALLY when Peter is explaining Earthisms. "We have a hero, uh, Kevin Bacon, who taught a whole town with sticks up their asses that dancing was the best" "Who put the sticks up their asses?" "It's a metaphor..." "That seems very cruel"

Bradley Cooper did not sound like Bradley Cooper! Like, a hint maybe, but he was Rocket!

Rocket is my new hero.

Nebula! Holy shit Karen Gillam! I knew it was her and yet not?

Zoe Saldana just needs to be in all movies from here on out. I decree it so.

Laika! The collector had Laika!!

Drax finally understanding the slit-throat gesture was beautiful.

Groot. Oh Groot. His sapling was dancing and he made light flowers and he was gorgeous.


Peter. Aw Peter. I guess in future movies we learn who his dad is!

The soundtrack. It made me deliriously happy to hear these songs over action sequences.


I didn't even recognize Lee Pace. At all! His voice was just so different.

That post credit sequence. Bold move, Marvel. Bold move.

And just overall: THE JOY. This movie was just so incredibly fun. I'm talking Pacific Rim levels of fun. Just a joy to behold. I had (and still have) a giant grin.


Tell me what you thought! What did you like? What didn't you like?

PS "Peter, your ship is FILTHY" "oh, she has no idea. Put a black light in here and it's like a Jackson Pollock painting." DEAD.