Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

*deep breath*


Okay, so it’s finally Saturday, which means the NDA we were under is over.

I saw an early screener for Deadpool Thursday night, and it was perfect. From the first moments of the first song, through the note-perfect intro credits, and straight on through to the end...


This IS the Deadpool movie you’ve been waiting for.

It most certainly earns its “R” rating, but in the best ways possible. In fact, we left the theatre bemoaning the fact there aren’t more R-rated superhero movies.

And very importantly: they did NOT show the best bits in the trailers. Not by a long shot.

They broke the fourth wall so many times, in hilarious and creative fashion—those were some of the funniest lines I remember laughing my ass off at.


Go see it. We’re going again when it officially opens.

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