This week’s episode of Defiance has spies, lies and the most groanworthy line ever delivered on the show so far. Spoilers ahead.

Nolan is teasing Irisa with a copy of Amazing Goddess of the Badlands when Datak and Stahma dramatically return to Defiance. The Tarr’s first task as fifth columnists is successful when Datak plays Amanda (who is still pissed about Kenya’s murder) to get rifles infested with shrill into the town’s armory to destroy Defiance’s weapons stockpile.

Stahma is ingratiating herself with the Omec T’evgin. Since it’s Stahma she must be working an angle. Does Stahma buy the Omec’s cover story of only two of them left? Does T’evgin know he’s being played and will he turn the tables on Stahma?

Nolan and Irisa head out to do a recon of the approaching VC force. They’re attacked by a VC patrol. Irisa flakes out of fighting again but Pilar shows up to help and utter that line (more on that below). Nolan wouldn’t have lasted long as an ark hunter if he trusted every stranger he encountered so it’s no surprise that he’s not fooled by Pilar. He and Irisa leave Pilar tied up and take baby Luke.


At the VC encampment Nolan spots a MacGuffin vehicle that he decides needs to be taken out right then and there. After Irisa correctly points out that she would be a lot less conspicuous walking around a VC camp than Nolan, he lets her be the one to plant explosives on the MacGuffin vehicle.

Pilar has managed to free herself and finds Nolan just in time to screw up the plan. Nolan shots her and Pilar falls over a snow bank. Meanwhile Tak has captured Irisa and taunts Nolan. He responds by sniping away at Tak’s soldiers. Irisa turns the tables on Tak but can’t bring herself to kill him. Instead she and Nolan destroy the MacGuffin vehicle and drive off.

Back in Defiance they give Luke to his grandparents Datak and Stahma. Nolan chews out Irisa for not killing Tak when she had the chance since it may have stopped the impending VC attack. Nolan is done with Irisa’s new attitude and calls her unreliable.


The Tarrs receive their next assignment from Tak - blow up the Arch. Where will Alak DJ from if he gets back to Defiance?

Assorted thoughts:

  • Of course General Tak knows of Nolan as the “Butcher of Yosemite” so now it’s personal between the two.
  • If Amanda finds out the Tarrs are working for General Tak and sabotaged the weapons I’m pretty sure that’s all the excuse she needs to have them executed (with the full support of most of the townspeople). The only one I can see finding out and not ratting out the Tarrs is Yewll, who has her own grudge against Amanda and Nolan.
  • I’m sure I’m not the only one who groaned when Linda Hamilton’s character said “Come with me if you want to live.” Pilar was shot in the chest and left for dead but we didn’t see any proof of death so...