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Defiance Takes It To The Enemy In The Season Three Finale

This season of Defiance ends with Nolan, Amanda and the rest having to stop Kindzi’s plan for Earth. This is one of those season finales that would also work as a series finale if Defiance doesn’t come back for a fourth season. Spoilers ahead.

Was anyone surprised that Datak showed up in dramatic fashion to save his family? Alak still has plenty of resentment towards his parents but he’s also seen both of them act to save his son so he may lighten up a bit with them.


Doctor Yewll has a plan to take out the Omec ship that’s familiar to anyone who has watched enough science fiction and action movies - sneak on board and blow up the engines. Of course Yewll is keeping her own secret about the plan.

Alak is much friendlier to Irisa than he was to poor dead Andina. Maybe he prefers non-Castithan women. Is there a Votan term for jungle fever?

Amanda volunteers for the raid on the Omec ship but after giving the town a motivating speech she goes and gets her belly slashed. Amanda and Nolan share a quiet moment. Nolan knows he’s a fugitive from the Votanis Collective and endangers the town by staying around while Amanda has faith that he’ll be back and they’ll work things out. The final roster for the raid is Yewll, Nolan, Irisa and Datak (since the Tarrs have to be represented).


I loved that Nolan had an “Oh, wow!” moment when he saw Earth from space. I didn’t realize what it was foreshadowing, I just appreciated showing the effect a sight like that would have even on someone as world-weary as Nolan. Irisa is moved somewhat differently when she sees the Omec children on the ship.

Stahma and Amanda have their moment while Stahma changes Amanda’s dressing. Amanda’s braid has worked its magic on Stahma who admits her admiration and respect. Of course Amanda doesn’t return the feelings.


The Omec who still remain on Earth raid the clinic but leave Amanda alone since she’s “spoiled meat” (from her wounds I presume). She fights through her drug induced dopiness and takes out the Omec before collapsing. Amanda’s braid saves the day.

In the ship’s control room Yewll plugs into the ship and gains control over the systems. It turns out plugging in made the mission a one-way trip for Yewll. She decided the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the one.


Kindzi shows up to stop Nolan and we get the standard one-on-one fight ending with a plunge of death. Nolan gets to the drop pods and Irisa announces she’s staying. She can’t let the Omec die without trying to save them. Nolan can’t let Irisa sacrifice herself that way. He shocks her and ends her back to Earth. Nolan and Yewll stop the pending explosion by venting energy through the propulsion system and shoot into deep space taking the Omec ship far from Earth.

Six weeks later, the Arch has been virtually rebuilt (and named after Nolan). Irisa has a life as Nolan wanted. While Amanda thinks Nolan is dead Irisa believes he is having the grand space adventure he dreamed of as a boy.


I don’t know the plan for a fourth season or even if there will be one but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if this was the series finale. There are still some dangling threads but the major stuff is sufficiently resolved and the overall tone at the end is upbeat (which the image above perfectly captures).

  • It was hard to write a headline that wasn’t spoilery like “Defiance Goes Where No One Has Gone Before.”
  • If I had looked up what the episode title “Upon the March We Fittest Die” referred to I may have guessed how it would end.
  • I don’t see a way to bring back Yewll and Nolan without cheapening their sacrifice.

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