The new season of Defiance kicked off last Friday. A lot has changed since we last saw the town and in addition to some new faces something happened to some old ones that I wasn’t expecting. Spoilers ahead.

It’s seven months after the end of last season. Nolan and Irisa are still missing, presumed dead, and the McCawley-Tarr roadtrip is still going on. The E-Rep has pulled out of Defiance, Amanda is mayor and Berlin is now the lawkeeper.

The season premiere set up a lot of stuff for this season but let’s talk about the two big threats first.

The Votan Collective force led by General Tak is the more immediate threat. Tak is a standard evil warlord/general who enjoys killing humans. But he now has the Tarrs working for him as spies so that may get interesting if and when people in Defiance find out.


The purple skinned Omec are playing a longer game that probably won’t kick into high gear until later in the season. Nolan and Amanda tried to play nice with them but I don’t think that’s going to matter much in the end.

Assorted thoughts:

  • I was not expecting the McCawleys to get killed off like that. And Alak only saw that his mother killed his wife without knowing the context. There’s at least one angry mother-son conversation in the future.
  • Crazy Pilar still has the baby and right now no one is looking for them. When do you think we’ll see them again?
  • While the Omec said taking the skin was no big deal it seemed to be a huge personal violation to Yewll. She’s not the type to forgive or forget so I won’t be surprised if Yewll gets some retribution later on. Anyone who was in the room will be fair game.
  • Irisa is apparently a pulp hero. I wonder how that’s going to play out?