Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Defiance was AMAZEBALLS!

So not to give out any spoilers Defiance is definitely worth your time. My time has been eaten up lately with a full time job extremely taxing diet and exercise regiment and a full time girl friend so I don't have as much spare time for the things I love as I use too. Well after complete exhausting myself at the gym I go home and finally watch defiance. Possible because it was hard to move are do much else. Man that was the best two hours of t.v. I have watched in a long time. No let me first say I am a syfy apologist. I have love syfy sense we first got it and still love it thought the changes. Now do I love all the reality programing. No not at all but understand it's cheap to make, some of it has a following like face off and it gets good ad revenue on nights where good avenue may have not normal been coming in. Same thing with the wrestling (Which I LOVE!) it keeps the lights on and lets them put money into projects like this. The casting was great. The sets and effect where great. Syfy has put a lot of eggs into the Defiance basket and it SHOWS! Also for all of you syfy hater and fans of good hard syfy just remember if this thing fails are bombs I guarantee you all the great shows from them that we have been hearing about coming down the pipe will be CANCELED and then you can bet it will be more reality programing and wrestling coming. Like I said money and safe bets, bet man let me tell you this right here I think will be are next big thing. I mean they where smart throwing a whole bunch of tropes at the wall because that give them a lot of story hook but just what the introduced in the first two hour could easily fill up two seasons of show. I am so so excited about this. The world building is fleshed out, there isn't to much crazy exposition on the first episode but they throw a lot at you. Reminding me a lot of the first episode of firefly which is never a bad thing. They really I believe have hit one out of the park with this. If you haven't watched it give it a shot. Besides on demand and the website they are replaying it a lot this week but truly give it a chance. It's worth your time.


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