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Destiny: A bit closer to reality than you might think...

We called it The Traveller, and its arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Mars and Venus. Mercury became a garden world. Human lifespan tripled. It was a time of miracles - we stared out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars.


Okay okay, so Siding Spring, expected to fly close by Mars this October, miiiight not be a giant-floaty orb thing coming to usher in Humanity's Golden Age and a Space Empire across the solar system. It is pretty cool though, and didn't stop Bungie from having a bit of a joke earlier today at the new's coincidental lede:

But hey, if the Comet does turn out to be The Traveller? Count me in on day one for some of those fancy space magic powers.

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