I love DeviantArt. Someone had shown an interest in doing a regular post highlighting various artists on there but then didn't so I thought I'd hijack the idea and share some of my favorites. I'll try not to overlap with stuff that has been posted before, but that's not always easy to do. This week's focus is space art by Tobias Roetsch.

Tobias Roetsch, who goes by the username Taenaron, has been featured before on io9, but the work he's done since 2010 is even more stunning. My current wallpaper is the fantastic The Rise of a Planet II.

I think I will be replacing it with his dual sun image, Ancient Duality.


And if you happen to have a dual monitor setup I'd suggest going with Tranquility which is quite possibly my favorite space based image on DeviantArt. It's just breathtaking.


Next week: Doctor Who fan art