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Did anyone watch the American Horror Story finale? Did anyone care?

American Horror Story: Freak Show came to an end Wednesday night. I still don't know why I slogged my way through this season. The other seasons were able to click for me at some point but Freak Show never did. Spoilers ahead.

The finale goes with the classic Shakespearian "screw it, let's crank up the body count" technique* as Dandy goes on a murder spree through the traveling show before getting his own comeuppance.


Elsa makes it big on TV until her past catches up with her and she dies during her Halloween special. But she ends up in freak show heaven with Ma Petite and the rest. I'm sure that was supposed to be a big moment but I just didn't care.

And yet I'll still probably watch the next season. Go figure.

*Seriously, have you seen or read Titus Andronicus? That's some seriously messed up shit, yo. Jessica Lange plays a perfect AHS character in this version.

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