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Did anyone watch The Great Martian War on History last night?

::Spoiler Space:: Unfortunately I've a feeling it might only have been on in Canada & the Uk so far.

Entertaining enough, but they seem to have shaped the story vaguely along the lines of WW1 so they could use old footage with CG Tripods*, while I couldn't help feeling like the Martians (as they where shown in the film & from descriptions in The War of the Worlds**) would have advanced a lot further & faster, done a lot more damage & been basically unbeatable. The war wouldn't have progressed along the lines of WW1, we wouldn't have had time to dig trenches & they wouldn't have been much use as cover.


The way we won was similar to Wotw as well, but again slightly unconvincing & I'd have preferred for them to have gone into more detail of the MacGuffin that drove the Martians to invade as it seemed to have been bolted on after the fact to explain away parts of the story like their slow advance, us managing to capture a tripod then beginning to turn the tide & really the whole reason for the invasion in the first place. In the end it had some nice visuals, but the story had a few large plot holes (Really? The Americans would basically just ignore the invasion & pretend it wasn't their problem? Really?), I prefer the Jeff Wayne version & as far as I'm concerned it had no business being on anything that calls itself The History Channel.

*They call them Herons in the film, but they'll always be Tripods to me

**That this is separate & distinct from but obviously inspired by

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