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I was making a thread on the DBZF about how I thought GT had the best soundtrack of all the series, it had a sense of epicness and adventure that Z lacked and seemed more verity then both (the Freeza Saga is especially bad for this).

When going through music as examples, I was listening to the song Krillin's Death:

If you ever watched the Freeza saga then you've heard this piece of music as it appeared after every main character death or pretend death. However listening to it, I kept getting the feeling that I've heard it from somewhere else (especially starting at 0:40). It kept bugging me until I checked my itunes and noticed that the theme to Death Note sounded suspiciously similar (yes I have the Death Note soundtrack on my Ipod and Itunes what of it):

I would of just left it there as it was probably just a coincidence, however listening to them both, they sound really to similar to be accidental but neither composers of Death Note have been noted for plagiarism and I haven't noticed any other similar music.

Am I just hearing things?


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