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Did You Board The Orville?

I’m not a big Seth MacFarlane fan but I still decided to give the first episode of The Orville a watch. As has been pointed out on many places online the show is a bit all over the place but I liked the pilot enough to watch the next episode.


The nods to Star Trek aren’t at all subtle and I don’t mean just the uniforms and general aesthetics. Early on when newly promoted captain Ed Mercer looks up his old bro to be his new helmsman you’ll realize right away that he finds him on some sort of holodeck if you’ve watched the Next Generation era Trek shows. The plot of the pilot would not be out of place in a TOS or TNG episode - a routine supply run to a science facility escalates into something unexpectedly dangerous.

The Orville suffers from trying to do a lot of things. It’s trying to convey the spirit of Roddenberry’s version of Star Trek while also poking a little fun at it. The humor fell mostly flat for me. The “ex-spouses have to work together” jokes were beaten to death then beat some more but the last few scenes suggest things on that front may get worked through.

But there is potential for a decent show. The aliens and space scenes were pretty good (definitely better than most Syfy stuff). But I suspect this season will have a lot of rough edges.


Did you watch? What did you think?

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