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Did You Know Syfy Aired A New Show Last Night?

I completely forgot that Syfy was premiering Aftermath last night until my DVR clicked on and I checked to see what it was recording. Aftermath stars Anne Heche and her real life partner as a married couple with three kids when apocalyptic events happen. Some mild spoilers ahead.

This is one of the least unusual things you see in the first episode.

As the father of the Copeland clan races back to the family homestead in rural Washington state, we can here over the radio events that sound like they’re straight out of Syfy movies (meteors, freak storms, odd animal attacks). There isn’t a sharknado but later the sky rains fish, snakes, and Subaru parts. Some people are acting oddly and others are being possessed by something. There is a lot of mention of things being Biblical. It’s not clear yet how significant that reference is yet but Papa Copeland is a college professor of religion and mythology so that should be useful.

I’m not up on the Bible but I don’t think there’s mention of a plague of auto parts falling from the sky

Things are so crazy that the random severed head didn’t even get a rise out of me. So far Aftermath seems like they tossed a page or two from several Syfy movies in a blender along with a few pinches of Stephen King’s books (particularly The Stand and The Mist) and Fear the Walking Dead. It’s too early to say if it works yet.

Here’s a feature about the show that’s a little spoilery for the first episode (it reveals the severed head moment for one thing).

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