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Did You See Blade Runner 2049?

I was one of this weekend’s moviegoers who contributed to Blade Runner 2049’s box office performance. Since no one else around here is talking about it I’ll take up the task. I’ll give my non-spoilery thoughts first then delve into spoilery thoughts and observations.

I saw the first movie back during its original theatrical run in 1982. So the answer to the “which version?” question is the theatrical cut since that was my first and I didn’t see any other version until many years later. I was cautiously optimistic about the sequel though I didn’t buy into the hype and was a little concerned about the long running time (about two hours and 45 minutes).


Fortunately Blade Runner 2049 isn’t The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey That Dragged On And On Until I Was Ready To Stab My Eyes Out With A Dull Rusty Knife. While the pace is slow enough to let the characters develop, things do keep moving without bogging down.

The ideas of the original movie are explored again but in new ways. Blade Runner 2049 isn’t Blade Runner Redux. It is its own thing built on the foundation of the original.

The movie does a good job of extrapolating 2019 (as seen from 1982) into 2049 (as seen from 2017). The world has changed but in ways that seem like a natural (or at least plausible) progression. The nostalgia piano is played a few times (figuratively and literally) but it’s not overdone. There are some impressive visuals and the actors give solid performances.

I give it a solid thumbs up.

Assorted spoilery thoughts below the origami sheep and probably in the comments.

  • Sometimes an origami sheep is just a sheep. Or is it? Dun, dun, duh!
  • I’m amazed that the reveal about Detective K stayed secret. Or at least I hadn’t encountered it before seeing the movie. But it was a great way to let us know right away that this was a different movie than the first one.
  • I’m still in the “Deckard is human” camp.
  • For the record, Rachael’s eyes (like Sean Young’s) were brown. Was Deckard misremembering or messing with Wallace?
  • Mariette’s Pris-like appearance made the later reveal less surprising.

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