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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 10/2/2015

Greetings all! We know what we’re here for. Let’s just jump right into it.

Marvel’s Inhuman has gotten a lot of flack for being an X-Men replacement for the MCU but what people are ignoring is that it’s actually been a great series.


Best Value: The primer one-shots by Matt Fraction were pretty hefty issues.

My Recommendation: Try out the first arc of Inhuman. It’s actually a great series. Soule does a really good job of creating a soap opera environment, and does very similar things with the Inhuman community that Grant Morrison did with mutants.

Dark Horse has a handful of Frank Miller’s best on sale through the weekend.

Best Value: Sin City volume 7 is actually the best percentage off (46%).

My Recommendation: If you’ve never read Sin City or 300, it’s a good time to try them out.


The Luna Brothers’ Image work is on sale through the weekend.

Best Value: Alex + Ada volume 1.

My Recommendation: Alex + Ada is a great sci-fi tale about AI and sentience that is well worth checking out. And the complete series is in this sale.


Valiant’s Eternal Warrior is on sale all weekend!

Best Value: The two bundles- one of which is 67% off!

My Recommendation: Unity and The Valiant are both amazing. And buy the two Archer & Armstrong volumes in this sale. A&A is always an insta-buy in my book.


Now go read some bloody comics!

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