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Good morning everyone! Real life has slowed enough for the column to return! Hopefully regularly!

Let’s get the big one out of the way first- DC has almost every Grant Morrison work ever (except Multiversity it seems) on sale through the end of the day.


Best Value: The JLA and Seven Soldiers volumes are beefy. I’d point you that way for bang-for-buck.

My Recommendation: Pretty much everything in this sale is amazing. JLA is probably the best superhero comics from the late 90’s, and might be the best run on the title ever. we3 is amazing. If you had me narrow it down to one thing though- All-Star Superman. The BEST Superman story ever written, IMO.

Marvel’s Incredible Hercules is on sale today.


Best Value: It’s all singles, no specials or annuals, so it’s deuces.

My Recommendation: It’s all pretty great, but if you’re looking for a single arc, go with “Love & War.”


Boom Studios has their horror catalog on sale through the end of the day today.


Best Value: It’s the collections, which looks like the Fall of Chthulu omnibus is the best value of the bunch.

My Recommendation: I really dug Chthulu Tales and Zombie Tales. There’s a lot of fun stuff here though, so your mileage may vary.


Comixology Submit horror titles are also on sale today!


Best Value: It’s a straight 50% off.

My Recommendation: Doc Frankenstein, but only because it’s the only thing in this sale I’ve read. However, it’s a very fun title and well worth your money.


Well, what are you still here for? Go do some reading.

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