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Good morning all! Happy Monday, blah blah blah. :-)

Image starts (or ends) the week strong- Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie comics are on sale through the end of the day!


Best Value: Definitely the collections, but only barely.

My Recommendation: TW+TD is IMO one of the best comics being published right now. I’m actually not a huge Phonogram fan personally, but it’s very well reviewed.

A good handful of Fantastic Four collections is on sale through the end of the day.


Best Value: The Fantastic Four Masterworks by Lee & Kirby. Ten issues for just under $4.

My Recommendation: Honestly, this is pretty much entirely good comics. I’m very disappointed that there’s no Byrne or Waid/Wieringo, but you can’t go wrong with Hickman, Robinson or Fraction. If I had to pick one (besides the Masterworks), I’d go with Hickman’s first volume.


Marvel also has a very big Amazing X-Men sale through end of day today!


Best Value: It’s just straight single issues, so no real best value.

My Recommendation: This isn’t just Amazing X-Men, but the recent Storm and Magneto series as well. All three are great, but the first seven issues of Amazing X-Men is simply one of the BEST X-Men stories I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of them. It’s a shame that Aaron had to leave the series to go write Star Wars.


DC is wrapping up Gotham City’s Finest today!


Best Value: It’s all singles, so it depends on page count.

My Recommendation: Batman Year One is part of this sale, so that’s a given. So is Black Mirror (Detective 871-881). There’s also the majority of No Man’s Land, one of the best Bat-crossovers written. However, the chapters from Batman are missing, so that’s a little odd.


Lastly, Aspen Comics’ entire line is on sale through end of day as well!


Best Value: It’s a straight 50% off everything, so no single best value.

My Recommendation: The core Fathom series, particularly the early issues by the late founder of Aspen, Michael Turner. Turner is one of the greats that was taken too soon.


Get out of here and go read some comics!

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