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Digital Comics On the Cheap- 2/22/16

Whatever happened to Brawl talking about comics on sale all the time? I don’t know, I think he got busy. Oh well, I hope he brings it back someday.

Today is that day intrepid comic book reader!

We’re going to start with a sale that I don’t think I ever expected- Marvel has the first Dark Horse Star Wars ongoing on sale today!


This series is interesting, because these 46 issues are actually a lead-in to the prequels, featuring the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura and more. As such they haven’t been directly contradicted by the new canon. Hell, one of the main characters, morally ambiguous Jedi Quinlan Voss, is actually rumored to be a Lucas favorite from the EU who he wanted to be be the lead of the Star Wars TV series (if rumors are to be believed). In other words, until Disney officially releases something set in this time period that negates it, this series is kind of in canon.

My Recommendation: Any of the arcs by John Ostrander are worth reading. Ostrander did some amazing Star Wars work, much of it with his wife Jan Duursema. Many people know about Star Wars Legacy, but this run was the lead up to that thematically. Well worth the cost of entry.

Image knocks it out of the park with all of Ed Brubaker’s Image work on sale.


Brubaker is an author that is an insta-recommend for me almost without fail.

Best Value: Look at the trades, as they’re a little better value than the singles, for the most part.


My Recommendation: Most people dig Ed’s crime work, but I’m a HUGE fan of his spy work, so look at Velvet. It’s essentially the tale of Moneypenny... who turns out to have been better than Bond. It’s not a 007 pastiche by any means though, and it’s a killer read.

Valiant’s complete Unity is up next!


I’ll say this- the current Valiant line is essentially what DC wanted to do with the New 52 and failed miserably at. These very 90's characters have been revamped and modernized without losing what made them click with readers twenty years ago.

Best Value: The collections save you about a nickel over the bundle.

My Recommendation: Honestly... any of it? All of it? Matt Kindt does a great job here, and the sale also includes an X-O Manowar arc by Robert Venditti (a parallel to the first arc) and the KILLER Armor Hunters event mini.


DC Comics is offering any one item at 25% off!


This excludes any title released after 2/15, and it’s applied to the LOWEST priced DC book in your cart. In other words, purchase carefully.

Since it’s across DC’s entire line, I’d say pick something you’ve wanted to try for a while and get it. You could go with All-Star Superman, Scott Snyder’s Batman, Sandman, Fables, whatever!

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