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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 3/30/15

Happy Monday and welcome back!

Monday means new sales on digital comics all over the interwebs!

First of all- the Walking Dead and Road to Convergence sales I talked about Friday are still going on. Jump on those if you're interested!


So what's new today?

First of all the complete Avengers Assemble from Marvel is on sale until 11PM EST tonight.

Best Value: They're offering a bundle of all 25 issues plus the one annual for $22.99, a savings of $3.


My Recommendations: The first 8 issue arc of the series is Bendis' swan song on the Avengers, features solid Mark Bagley art, and is essentially a try-out for BMB's Guardians of the Galaxy run also. Kelly Sue Deconnick took over the series from there, and her run is a lot of fun, although a lot of it is tied up in crossovers. I would recommend the three arcs not involved in crossovers- issues #9-13- featuring the Hulk being infected by an alien bacteria and Black Widow confronting her past, and issues #21-25. Six words to describe why that arc is a must buy- Warren Ellis writing Avengers versus AIM. Warren and Kelly Sue have co-written several things for Marvel, and this is one of them. Warren Ellis co-writing a weird science story set in the Marvel Universe? Come on!

Secondly, Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales is on sale until 11PM EST Friday night.


Best Value: Looks like the collections are your best bet.

My Recommendations: I've never read the series. It's extremely cheesecake-y (at least the covers all) and that's about all I know about it. It's not my cuppa, but it might be yours. Can any commenters recommend?


Last big one- Google Play's Heroines Who Rule is still going on (today is probably the last day). There's a wide selection of volumes starring female characters from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, all for just under $3.


Best Value: Death The Deluxe Edition by Neil Gaiman. You can see above- it's a $26 dollar savings.

My Recommendations- Where to begin? Ms. Marvel. Three volumes of Captain Marvel. She-Hulk by Charles Soule. Fables and companion series Fairest. Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl. Buffy. Storm and X-Men. There's literally something for everyone. Look at the sale, then find your favorite. It's basically a good time to try a series that you know you've always wanted to.


Well, what are you doing still reading this?! Go get some comics!

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