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Digital Comics On the Cheap- 3/4/2016

It’s that time of the week- time for cheap comics. There’s lots of great comics sales this weekend, so let’s just jump right into it.

Dynamite has two different sales this weekend. The first is the classic Vampirella Archives!


My Recommendation: These are all big volumes, they’re all an odd shaped page, and they’re all old sci-fi/horror comics. Basically, if old school cheesecake horror floats your boat, this is for you.

Best Value: They’re all about the same page count and the same percentage off, so tough to call.

Next is Dynamite’s Horror and Sci-Fi!


My Recommendation: There’s a wide range of stuff here- from JMS’s Twilight Zone (which I’ve heard great things about), Andy Diggle’s Uncanny, a Vampirella/Aliens mini, Warren Ellis on Project Superpowers, and a Top Cow/Universal Monsters crossover. Diggle always is easy to recommend, and I’ve heard fantastic things about JMS’s twelve Twilight Zone issues.

Just be careful- there are a few in-progress limited series in this sale (Vampi/Aliens and Seduction of the Innocent specifically). The sale does not include ALL of the released issues of those minis. If you’re willing to get the conclusions at full price, go for it. But be aware of that going in.


Best Value: The collection of Uncanny Vol 1.

Dark Horse has a fairly big Predator sale this weekend.


My Recommendation: ARCHIE VS PREDATOR!!!!

Also, Predator Fire & Stone was written by Joshua Williamson. He’s great, and I highly recommend his work.


Best Value: The Omnibi are 300-400+ pages of comics for $7 each. Pretty decent value.

Marvel has two great sales! One is continuing to sell their Star Wars Legends line (of the old Dark Horse series).


My Recommendation: This sale includes the Brian Wood Star Wars ongoing and The Star Wars, based on Lucas’s original screenplay. The Wood series is GREAT. Set between New Hope and Empire, he writes an absolutely killer Princess Leia, and shows some amazing character growth. It’s another one of those series that if you squint it really kinda still fits in canon. So it’s worth it, even if it technically don’t “count.”


Best Value: It’s a straight 50% off, no collections or bundles, so it’s deuces.

Next is multiple Brian Michael Bendis collections!


My Recommendation: I like a lot of this sale. His Avengers is a lot better than people give him credit for, and so is his Guardians. It’s a good sale.

Of what’s offered here, I’d recommend Ultimate Spider-Man (the original, not Miles, which isn’t included here), Uncanny X-Men (gorgeous art), and Avengers with John Romita Jr. Powers is also included here, which is great stuff.


Best Value: Age of Ultron.

Image is featuring Jimmie Robinson’s work!


My Recommendation: Bomb Queen is a satire on 90's Bad Girl cheesecake comics. Five Weapons is an action story about a school for assassins. The Empty is a post-apocalyptic disaster story. If any of those sound interesting, then give them a try. Jimmie’s got a clean art style, and his stories have a great sense of humor. He’s worth checking out.

Best Value: The Bomb Queen collections are over 50% off.

IDW’s Month-Long sale for March is STRANGE TALES & DEVIATIONS.


My Recommendation: This is a mixture of original work and licensed work. Some weird crossovers, alternate reality stuff. It’s a hodge-podge, but the good kind. I’d look closely at the GI Joe/Transformers crossovers, TMNT/Ghostbusters, and Star Trek/Planet of the Apes.

Best Value: Looks like Three Fingers and The Ticking are the highest percentage off.


And saving the best for last- Valiant’s Archer & Armstrong!!


My Recommendation: Buy it. All of it.

I’m not kidding. This is the series I recommend every time anyone asks me about Valiant. A&A is the story of an immortal, perpetually drunk pacifist (Armstrong), and his best friend, the world’s most skilled fighter (Obadiah Archer), as they travel the globe saving the world from secret societies and extinction. AND IT’S FANTASTIC. One of the best series in comics from the last five years.


The sale also includes Dead Drop, which features Archer stopping a killer virus, The Delinquents, a team up between A&A and Quantum & Woody, Ivar, Timewalker, about Armstrong’s (also immortal) brother, and the classic Archer & Armstrong series.

Best Value: The bundles are 75% off. A bit better value than everything else.

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