You can believe all of these deals today! I think...

DC starts off strong with probably one of the smartest sales they’ve done! The Joker gets his own sale all weekend!

My Recommendation: First of all, really quickly- Endgame is listed on this sale, but it’s not REALLY on sale. They just knocked a dollar off, where the rest of the sale is a $.99 sale.

With that out of the way, they picked some VERY solid Joker stories here, and you pretty much can’t go wrong. Death of the Family is a great story, as is Death IN the Family

Best Value: It depends on page count, and it looks like the winner there is Legends of the Dark Knight #50.


Fantagraphics has their Funny Comics on sale through the weekend.

My Recommendation: The complete Peanuts!

Best Value: It looks like a straight 50% off through all of it.


Comixology Submit also is featuring some of their funny books!

My Recommendation: Giant Days and Too Much Coffee Man. John Allison is one of the better webcomics artists out there, and Too Much Coffee Man is a classic indie book.

Best Value: Like the image says, it’s a straight 50% off all around.


Marvel has two great sales! The first is Elektra comics!

My Recommendation: All of these comics are good, solid stuff (even if the Marvel Knights series is the ultimate series of cheesecake covers). The most recent series is full of gorgeous Mike Del Mundo art, and the Bendis and Rucka runs in the Marvel Knights series are just amazing.

Best Value: It’s one of those page count situations, which I haven’t taken the time to look at.


The Elektra sale has ended, but it’s been replaced!


My Recommendation: All of this is great stuff! There’s a nine-issue series written and drawn by Jack Kirby. There’s the amazing Chris Priest Marvel Knights series. There’s the last two series starring the Panther- both T’Challa and his sister Shuri. I think the only thing this sale is missing is Reggie Hudlin’s mid-2000's Panther series. In essence- all of this is great, so just pick your poison.


Best Value: It’s just a straight 50% across the board, so take your pick.

The second is a batch of Star Wars collections!

My Recommendation: The 2013-2014 series is some great comics that aren’t completely contradicted by the new canon, so you can pretend... Heir to the Empire is a beautifully illustrated series. Really though, they’re all solid Star Wars comics.


Best Value: They’re all between 120 and 150 pages, so it’s about the same value.

NOTE: Google Play has an additional ten Star Wars collections through their comics platform! (UPDATED- This includes a four volume compendium of the initial three Marvel Star Wars releases AND the Journey to the Force Awakens miniseries.)


Kodansha Comics has placed most of their first volumes on sale through the weekend.

My Recommendation: Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail.

Best Value: They all look to be about the same percent off, so you pick.


Image has two great sales this weekend! (Both came be found at that link.) The first is The Walking Dead through issue #150 (including the collections and bundles), and the second is the first volumes of Image’s most popular series. The plus to the second sale- buy one collection and get THREE #1's for free!

My Recommendation: If you’re not on board with the Walking Dead yet, this is your opportunity. But who hasn’t read TWD at this point?

The other sale includes series such as Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, and other Image mega hits. They’re ALL amazing.


Best Value: The Walking Dead bundles are about 60% off, and buy a collection, get three #1 issues free is a great deal. You can’t deny that. :-)

IDW’s April sale is their all ages comics!

My Recommendation: This is a something for everyone sale, and I’d point specifically towards TMNT Animated Adventures and Jem and the Holograms.


Best Value: It looks like it’s mostly 50% off, so not really any one best value.

And are you ready for the last one?

Humble Bundle Books includes TWO amazing comics bundles.

The great thing about these is that they’re pay what you want. There are three tiers, but if you’re cash strapped you could pay just a dollar to get the first tier.


The first bundle is Buffy, Angel and Spike from Dark Horse and IDW! It’s $369 worth of comics!

The second is Aspen Comics! This is $585 worth of comics, which is the biggest bundle offered so far!


So what are you doing? Go get some comics!!!