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Wow- really big weekend for digital comics sales.

DC's Convergence Week 1 is the first entry.


Best Value: No collections or bundles, so depends on individual page count. It's a big sale, so I haven't gone through issue by issue.

My recommendations: This is a really weird sale. It's great to see them push what's out this week, but the choices are weird. The first two and last two issues of James Robinson's JLA run? The last three issues of the Stephanie Brown Batgirl series? Some random Superman issues?

However, there is one major shining spot to this sale- All New Atom by Gail Simone with various artists for the first 20 issues, then Rick Remender for the next five. Great series.

Second- Dynamite's Masks. The first mini is on sale concurrent the release of the sequel.


Best Value: It's a single mini series, without the collection being offered, so no one issue is really a better value.


My recommendation: It's a pulp heroes team-up series by Chris Roberson. I didn't read it, but if that interests you, try it out.

Skylanders from IDW is also on sale, all 50% off.

Best Value: It's 50% off across the board. It's pretty much deuces.

My recommendation: If you're a Skylanders fan, try it out. IDW typically does a really good job with All Ages titles.


And now the big ones-


Daredevil by Mark Waid-all 36 issues (plus the Point One issue).

Best Value: All depends on page count.

My recommendation: This is the best Daredevil has been in years. The entire series is HIGHLY recommended. I would just avoid the couple of crossover issues, since the other parts of the crossover isn't on sale. In particular, check out the first arc (#1-6), and Matt's confrontation with the series big bad (a twist I won't spoil here) in #23-27.


Along with that six big Daredevil collections are on sale as well, including the first volumes of Frank Miller's run, Bendis's run, Waid's original run, and the Marvel Now relaunch, also by Waid, and Kevin Smith's run. The gem here though? BORN AGAIN.

Now, go read some freaking Daredevil.

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