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Marvel keeps them coming! If this comes as a surprise, you're not paying attention to the mass media world lately.

Frank Miller's Daredevil is on sale today only. This is the Elektra saga, Born Again AND Man without Fear.


Best Value: The first collected volume of this run and the collection of Born Again are both cheaper than the singles, and they're listed on the bottom of the page. This also includes the vol 1 of Bendis's run (HUGE value- 411 pages for $5), the first collection of both volumes of Waid's run, and Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil.

My recommendation: Buy as much of this as you can. This is a seminal run on this character. Absolutely worth every penny.

I've already talked about the other two sales on Comixology- Crossed C-Day is back, and Convergence Week 1 is on sale through end of day.

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