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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 4/15/2016 (UPDATED!)

Welcome fellow comic readers! Come join me in this week’s great offerings!

Marvel has three great sales that run at least through the weekend! The first is the Women of Power collections sale!


My Recommendation: This is one of those “You probably have this already but if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?!” sorts of sales. The only one of the five I’m unfamiliar with is the Scarlet Witch collection, and all of these are GREAT. Just pick the one you haven’t read yet and buy it.

Best Value: The Scarlet Witch collection actually has the highest page count, almost 100 pages more than the others for the same price.

Next the build up to Civil War continues with Captain American volume 1 on sale!

My Recommendation: This is actually the second half of the first Cap volume, and it includes some great stuff. You have the JM Demattis/Mike Zeck run, the Mark Gruenwald run (which I think is the longest continuous run on the character to date), and the beginning of Mark Waid’s AMAZING run.


If you have me pick just one though, it’d be the eleven issues Mark Waid did to close out volume one. Amazing Cap stuff.

Best Value: There’s a couple extra sized anniversary issues in here. Looks like issue #383 is the biggest of the bunch.


Continuing with Captain America is a collections sale with ten great Cap collections for $5!

My Recommendation: It’s hard to beat any of these. There’s a lot of Ed Brubaker’s run here, two from Rick Remender’s run, and two very cool volumes from the early 2000's. All of them are damn good Captain America reads.


Best Value: Captain America by Dan Jurgens vol 1. It’s nine issues, where the read of these are 4-6 issues. (Also, although All New Cap Fear Him has a very high page count, it’s an Infinite Comic, which artificially drives up page count through semi-animated panels).


Next is IDW’s Parental Advisory Sale (which is taking place while their all ages sale is still happening too :-) ).

My Recommendation: The four volumes of Parker by Darwyn Cooke. Cooke is a master, and these are great crime stories.


Best Value: Looks like about 50% across the board, so it’s really deuces on value.


Dark Horse is keeping with the Heroines theme this week, with Heroines who Rule!

My Recommendation: Buffy Season 8 is all here, and it’s great stuff. Ghost is also generally very good, especially the reboot written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Chris Sebela. The Tomb Raider volumes are written by Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett too, always great writers.


Best Value: The omnibi are all hefty volumes for a good price.


And DC represents well with Poison Ivy’s 50th anniversary! The only major Ivy stories missing here seem to be the New52 Birds of Prey series, and that’s not a glaring omission really, and the No Man’s Land Ivy stories, which is actually a shame, because they’re SO GOOD.

My Recommendation: Paul Dini’s run on Gotham City Sirens, definitely. It has some cheesecake moments, but Dini’s writing elevates those, for sure.


Best Value: There’s a few annuals and specials in here with higher page counts.


Google Play has the above sales from DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse, plus some in a Heroines Who Rule Sale! The additions include Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Black Widow! Go check them out!


So what are you doing still sitting here? Go read some comics!

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