Yet another great week for digital comics!

Marvel up first- Captain America by Rick Remender is on sale- all 25 issues!

Best Value: Another bundle will save you a couple bucks.

My recommendation: This entire series is very good. It's much more in line with traditional superhero stories featuring Cap, than it is Ed Brubaker's spy-heavy take on the character. The Dimension Z story, featuring Cap vs. Arnim Zola, is a lot of fun, but the run as a whole is worth it.


DC has another Convergence-centered sale. This one is a bit better than last week's.


(Pardon the butt-floss costume above!)

Best Value: No bundles or collections in this sale, so it depends on page count. That honor probably goes to Superman: Man of Steel #1 which is a double-sized issue.


My recommendation: This sale is a lot better, although it still has some odd-ball inclusions (the first issue of Gen13 and Deathblow, two random issues of Batman, the first three issues of Steel's solo series). However, it does include four more solid runs.

The first 18 issues of Peter David's Aquaman relaunch (#0-18) featuring hook-hand Aquaman is the first series. Peter David is one of the most consistently good writers out there. Batman: Shadow of the Bat by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle is also included. Grant did great work with Batman, and this is an overall solid series. Catwoman's first solo series by Jo Duffy, Chuck Dixon and Jim Balent is the next series included. I never read the series when it was published, but I've heard good things.


The one I'd truly recommend is the first thirty issues of Superman: Man of Steel. Yes, this was during the "yellow triangle" era of Superman in which stories were very interconnected between the four Superman series, but there are some great single issue stories here. I personally feel that Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove are one of the most underrated Superman creative teams, and this series was my favorite of the Sueprman titles from the nineties. The sale also includes two of my favorite Superman stories from my youth- issues #14 (Superman and Robin fight Dracula) and #30 (Superman vs. Lobo).

Nothing posted besides those two, but both are great sales! Go get some comics!