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Welcome my friends and enter my den of nerdery! It’s time to find out what’s on sale this week!

Let’s get this out the of the way first- Marvel dropped the mic on everyone else. This weekend, use the code Marvel at checkout and get EVERYTHING Marvel buy one, get one free. EVERY THING. Including today’s Nova/ Miles Morales sale! And speaking of...


My Recommendation: Miles’s second volume is a great Spider-Man series, and features the return of Ultimate Peter Parker in a non-sell-out way. Plus, everyone hates on Sam Alexander, mostly because he’s not Rich Ryder. Seriously though once Gerry Duggan starts writing his series, it turns a corner.

Best Value: Nova #10/100, celebrating the 100th Nova issue across all volumes. A fun double issue.

Dynamite is offering three different fantasy franchises in one bundle for $2.99. This 18 issue bundle includes the first four issues of GoT, six issues of Wheel of Time and the remainder from Pathfinder. All great stuff.


They’re also offering their Dresden Files adaptations and original comics.

My Recommendation: I am a huge Dresden fan, and these comics seem to be the best way to get new Harry Dresden material since the novels are on hiatus. So try them all out. Ghoul Goblin in particular is a lot of fun.


Best Value: The collections are a little better value than the singles.


Image is featuring its Eisner Award nominees all weekend long!

My Recommendation: There’s nothing in this sale that I won’t recommend, honestly. I’ve just fallen in love with Monstress and Outcast, and Descender is just gorgeous. Really though, you’ve all probably read at least a couple issues of all of these.


Best Value: Monstress #1- 69 story pages for $1. Can’t go wrong there.


DC is featuring Earth 2 for Earth Day. Very funny DC.

My Recommendation: The James Robinson run is good comics. Read it.

Best Value: The final issue of Earth 2 World’s End is double sized, and there are a couple other extra sized issues in here.


Zenescope is featuring their... adaptation? Reimagining? Whatever it is, it’s their Jungle Book.


My Recommendation: Zenescope is the one company that I’ve shown bias against, because their heavy cheesecake approach just turns me off to their comics. So in other words, I struggle to recommend anything here.

Best Value: The bundle is all 15 comics for under $10. So it’s your best bet if you’re interested.


There are a handful of others that I’ve spotlighted in weeks past still happened, so check them out here.

So go read some comics already!

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