First I thought one sale was the big one to get excited about. Then I saw another equally exciting sale. AND THEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS GREAT TOO!!! It’s digital comics heaven today!!!

Heroes Return Avengers is on sale TODAY ONLY! I’m really surprised that this isn’t a weekend long sale...

Best Value: There’s a bundle- all 89 issues in this volume for $59.99.

My recommendation: This is the legendary Busiek run, the bulk of which is illustrated by George Perez. AND IT IS AWESOME. Almost all pure gold. A particular favorite of mine is the Kulan Gath arc in issues-


HAHAHA! I can’t even say that with a straight face. The best of this run is Ultron Unlimited. Issues #19-22. Just go buy it and thank me later. It’s one of the top three Avengers stories ever, Ultron’s greatest story, and probably the source material for at least half of the Age of Ultron movie.

If you already own Ultron Unlimited, samples some of Buseik’s other issues (including the run-ending Kang war arc) or go a little deeper into the volume. Geoff Johns’ wrote Avengers for about 2 years. All of it is pretty good, but Red Zone in particular is awesome. And the volume-ending Disassembled is actually better than most people think, it just has some major plot holes.


The third week of Converngence brings the third week of Convergence related series from DC.


Best value: Depends on page count, sorry. Big sale.

My recommendation: The first eight issues of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run- issues #21-28- and the Trial of Barry Allen from Flash- #340-350.


ALL collections of IDW’s excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot series are 50% off.


Best value: Looks like the “Ultimate Black and White Collection” is your best value here.

My recommendation: ALL OF IT. Seriously. This is the best the Turtles have been in years. The first volume is a little rough, but after that... WOW.


If you want me to narrow it down a bit, I’d recommend the stuff by Sophie Campbell. Her issues are just gorgeous. They’re just spread through a few collections. (Also, applause to to IDW for quickly updating their collections when Sophie announced her name change and transition from male to female. It’s a small thing, but way to go.)

This next one made me ABSOLUTELY GIDDY.

Image Comics 2015 Eisner Nominees


Best value: Since it’s a straight 50% off sale, there’s no single best value.

My recommendation: Uhm... Damn...


The Wicked + The Divine.

Southern Bastards.

The Fade Out.

Pretty Deadly.


The Walking Dead.

Seriously, it’s impossible to pick. These are all so good. My personal favorites are Saga and Wicked + Divine. Both are completely amazing sci-fi and fantasy. I’m really torn between them right now, because my funds are limited. Southern Bastards is a great crime series. And Walking Dead... ARGH!


The only disappointment here is that Rat Queens isn’t included. Stupid Eisners. :-)

As a side note, this is sale is also available on Google Play, if that’s your preferred platform.



I forgot about Dark Horse (thanks Mandolin!)!!!

Dark Horse’s Digital 4th Anniversary has 50% their ENTIRE DIGITAL LIBRARY!


Best Value: Everything is 50% off. Including bundles. You get the picture.

My Recommendation: This is even harder than the Image sale. Hellboy, Aliens, Serenity, Mass Effect, Conan... Really, just find what you like and buy it!


Quick final note- the Daredevil collections sale is still active on Comixology, Kindle and Play. Amazing collections for only $5 each.

Sorry for the amount of money you’re going to spend today. But it’ll be worth it.