Starting the week off well!

The expected ramp up to Age of Ultron starts today.

Best Value: No bundles, so it looks like it’s up to page count. I’m pretty sure that will go to Annihilation Conquest Prequel.

My recommendation: Avengers (1998) #19-22. Ultron Unlimited, the best Ultron story yet. Annihilation and the first arc of Mighty Avengers are both pretty decent too.

Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl from Dynamite is next.


Best Value: The omnibus- all 12 issues for $7.99. That’s $4 off the sale price on individual issues.

My recommendation: I’ve only read the #0. It was okay. It’s pulpy, cheesecakey jungle adventure. If that’s your thing, try it out. If you’re not sure, try the #0 issue, it’s free. BTW, Cho only did plots and covers, so don’t go into it expecting Frank Cho interior pages.

Top Cow has a sale on a lot of work from artist Stjepan Sejic.


Best Value: The collections of Artifacts. Normally $16.99, they’re $4.99 right now.

My recommendation: Stjepan is an all around excellent artist. I’ve only read a few random stories from this sale, but his work is good enough to try it out. Death Vigil and Sunstone are both creator owned by Stjepan, so I’d start there.

Marvel’s new collections sale has started- the Avengers.


Best Value: Looks like Avengers Vs. Thanos, which appears to collect basically every early non-Adam Warlock Thanos story.

My recommendations: It’s hard to pick out one thing in this sale. The three gems are Thor: God of Thunder v1, Avengers World, and Hawkeye v1. This sale is also available on Kindle and Google Play if that’s your preferred platform and will last for most of the month!