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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 4/29/2016

Good morning all! It’s my last weekend before Disneyland! Yay! What are y’all up to?

A couple big ones from Marvel this week-Sam Wilson: Captain America on sale!

My Recommendation: Pretty much all of this sale is worth checking out. Both of Sam’s series as Captain America are extremely well reviewed. Captain America & the Mighty Avengers is very fun. Captain American & the Falcon is a great series by Chris Priest. So, it’s really a great sale overall.


Best Value: Sam Wilson: Captain America by Nick Spencer is pretty much a brand new series, so it’s 75% off. Page count wise the entire sale is pretty much normal sized issues, so no real increased value there.

Also, with Captain America out next week, Civil War related collections are discounted!

My Recommendation: The core series is gorgeous, even if the series itself is problematic. The Spider-Man story is very solid too.


Best Value: Page count wise, it’s the core Civil War story. Discount wise, it’s All New Captain America, which is about 80% off.


Valiant’s Rai is on sale through the weekend!

My Recommendation: The first issue of the reboot was very entertaining. Kindt has created a cool cyberpunk world in New Japan. I haven’t read anything else from the series, but most of the reviews I’ve read are good.


Best Value: The bundles. 76% off the rebooted series. It edges out buying the singles by $1 (unless you got #1 for free in a previous promo).


The Image work of AJ Lieberman, including Term Life, is on sale through the weekend.

My Recommendation: I’ve heard great things about Cowboy Ninja Viking, and if I remember correctly, there’s a Chris Pratt adaptation coming soon.


Best Value: The Harvest collection looks like the best value.


Last new sale of the week is in honor of Alien Day last Tuesday- Dark Horse’s ALIENS!

My Recommendation: Aliens: Salvation. Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan. If you don’t buy it based on those three names alone, there’s something wrong with you.


Best Value: The omnibi. Under $7 for over 300 pages of comics each.

There’s a couple older sales under the sales page, so be sure to check those out too!


No go read some comics!

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