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The digital comics gods have smiled upon us this morning.

For the big one- Avengers volume 1 is on sale at Comixology. First 200 issues. Some amazing stuff in there.


Best Value: The bundles are 62% off, and there is one of the first hundred, and another of the second hundred. However, they're still $75 each, so it's a chunk of change.

My recommendations: The debut of the Vision (issue #57), the Kree/ Skrull War (#89-97), and the Avengers half of the Avengers/Defenders War (#116-118). But there are a lot of classic Avengers stories in here. Browse and check them out.

Next, Crossed C-Day has much of the series on sale.


Best Value: The bundles again. Up to 74% off.

My recommendations: This is extreme torture porn. If you're not familiar with the series, this is a Garth Ennis concept about a virus that removes any inhibitions, resulting in extreme violence, including sexual violence. It's graphic in every possible way.


If you're into that kind of horror, give this series a try. I've read some of the spin-offs. It's well written, but it's very hard to stomach.

Next Executive Assistant from Aspen Comics.


Best value: Looks like the Omnibuses (Omnibi?) are the best value, but my math brain is turned off this morning.

My recommendations: I haven't read this series, but Aspen Comics is usually of surprisingly good quality, despite the cheesecaky nature of many of their series. Plus Dave Wohl wrote a good chunk of this- Dave is a great but under-appreciated writer. His Witchblade work is some of the best that series saw.


Lastly- Heroines that Rule from Google Play is STILL GOING ON!


I talked about it last week, so I'm not gong to go into it again, but there is some good stuff here! Go find what tickles your fancy and get reading!

Why are you still reading this- go get some comics!

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