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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 4/8/2016

It’s a beautiful spring morning, which means it’s a great time to go read some comics outside! Come on, you know you want to!

Marvel starts us off with the ramp up to Civil War and the first of what’s sure to be many Captain America sales!


My Recommendation: This is the first half of Cap’s Silver Age solo series (and yes, it started with issue #100, previously the title was Strange Tales Tales of Suspense), and there are some true gems here! Just in the first twenty issues you have the work of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Jim Steranko, the introduction of Falcon, and more!

I’d recommend the Steranko issues (#110-114), Kirby’s second run on the title (#193- 214), and the Roger Stern/John Byrne run (#247-255). This is overall some great superhero comics, and well worth the money. Just be sure to save your pennies for Mark Waid’s run, which I’m sure will be posted for sale in the next two weeks.

Best Value: It’s a straight 50% off across the board, but there are a few issues that have a bit higher page count.

Last week’s Star Wars collections sale is still on through Monday night as well!


This is a truly awesome sale from Image Comics- almost 150 Image Comics #1's on sale in honor of Image Expo and Emerald City Comic Con!


My Recommendation: Image is a pick your flavor company, but here’s some favorites of mine- Birthright, Black Science, Copperhead, Descender, I Hate Fairyland, Kaptara, Manifest Destiny, Morning Glories, Nailbiter, Outcast, Rat Queens, Southern Bastards, Spread, Wayward, The Wicked + The Divine, and Wytches. Literally, that’s only 16 of the 148 issues. There’s some great stuff in here, and a much higher percentage than most other sale.

Best Value: Marjorie Liu’s Monstress- 71 pages of comics for $1. That’s about 3-4 issues of a normal series. A good portion of these issues are extra sized too.


Dynamite has a great sale featuring the legendary Gold Key Comics characters!

My Recommendation: Doctor Spektor is by Mark Waid- which means instant recommendation. The rest of the books are GREAT though. It’s pretty much a “you can’t go wrong” sale.


Best Value: The collections are a slightly better value than the singles. But only slightly.


DC/Vertigo is featuring some of their more recent Vertigo hits in collections!

My Recommendation: American Vampire. One of the best horror comics in the past decade. Even though it’s volume 7, it’s the first volume of the second “season” of the series, so it’s a good jumping on point.


Best Value: Also American Vampire. :-)


Boom Studios’ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is on sale ending today!

My Recommendation: I’m not familiar with the series, but there’s some great art here. If you’re a Blade Runner fan specifically or a cyber punk fan generally give it a try.


Best Value: The bundle is 80% off. It’s a steal!

This month’s IDW All Ages Sale is still going on too! Go check it out!

Wait are you waiting for? Go read some comics!

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