Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I’m going to see Avengers in about 45 minutes, so a short version today.

Check these out at Comixology.com!

The complete Age of Ultron event is on sale from Marvel. I would check out the main event. The tie ins are interesting, but unless you want to dump a lot of money in, stick to the main event. I just want to note- this event bears similarity to the movie in name only!


DC’s has another Convergence-related sale this week. Buy DC One Million. It’s actually a kind-of follow up to Morrison’s All-Star Superman, written about five years BEFORE he wrote that series. It’s confusing unless you’re a Morrison junkie, but time travel is involved.

Pretty much everything Red Sonja from Dynamite is on sale. Even if it seems cheesecakey, Red Sonja is a damn good fantasy book, especially Gail Simone’s recent run on the series.

IDW’s My Little Pony is also on sale. I’m not a Pony fan, so I don’t know whether to recommend this or not. If you’re a fan, definitely check it out. Bare minimum Agnes Garbowska’s work on the series is extremely good!

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