Happy weekend! Apparently a TV show filmed two blocks from my office and featuring several of my dad’s semis and trailers was picked up to series last week! Maybe y’all will see me on TV soon! So anyways, on to talking about comics!

Bloodshot from Valiant is the first this week.

Best Value: It’s right there in the image- the bundle is 72% off. That’s the entire first volume of the relaunched series.

My recommendation: Although Bloodshot was my least favorite of the relaunched Valiant series, that’s like picking your least favorite Beatle- they’re all still very good. I definitely recommend trying this series out. The short high concept is that Bloodshot is a nanite enhanced indestructible assassin with a mysterious past. If that sounds interesting to you, give the series a try!

I’m amazed it took this long for this sale to happen, but the original Marvel Secret Wars is on sale through the weekend, alongside the Civil War sale that started earlier in the week.


Best Value: It’s all 50% off, no bundles or collections, so it depends on page count.

My recommendation: The Secret Wars maxi series, obviously, but this sale also includes BEYOND! by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins, and Secret War (no s) by Brian Bendis and Gabrielle Dell’Otto. Both are worth at least a look.


Here’s an odd/awesome one- Star Trek Crossovers from IDW.

Best Value: Looks like it’s the collection of “Star Trek New Visions.” This is an odd series- semi regular one-shot photo novels created by John Byrne. Byrne used shots from the original series to create new stories. It’s a cool concept, but a little weird.


My recommendation: Holy cow... All of it? Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes is absolutely fantastic, and even shows where the DC Universe and Star Trek universe diverged from the same timeline. Star Trek/Doctor Who is one of THE best crossovers EVER. Taking place around season 6 of each show, the Doctor, Amy and Rory team up with the Picard and the Enterprise crew to stop a Cyberman/Borg team-up. The recent Star Trek vs. Planet of the Apes is in here, which is worth it to see Shatner and Heston team up, even if it’s just in illustrated form. The last series in here is an adaptation of Ellison’s original City on the Edge of Forever teleplay, which any Trekkie knows was vastly different from the version we actually saw on-screen. Interesting- none of these series feature the reboot crew, despite the header image.

The 6th Week of Convergence is here!


Best Value: Depends of page count, sorry.

My recommendation: Three series- the first 21 issues of Justice League International, the last ten issues of Suicide Squad, and the woefully underrated Superboy. All three are just plain good comics. People think of JLI as just a funny book, but it’s SO MUCH MORE than that. Just go get it. Suicide Squad is consistently high-quality, plus issue #58 includes an incredibly meta appearance by Grant Morrison. And Superboy was the comic book that really got me into comics. It’s just good superheroic storytelling.