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*Deep breath* annnnnnd... exhale. Welcome back. I think we’ve all had an interesting weekend, so let’s talk about some comic books, shall we?

First of all- last week’s DC Convergence sale is still on. I think the Star Trek sale is supposed to still be going on, but the sale below includes that.

ALL OF IDW is on sale. Literally everything that IDW has published before 5/14/15 (yes, last Thursday!) is 50% off. That’s completely awesome. IDW has put out some AMAZING stuff.


Best Value: Everything is 50%, so do the math.

My recommendation: There’s just way to much to really delve into. GI Joe, Ninja Turtle, Transformers, Star Trek, Orphan Black, Dredd, Godzilla... Sheesh.

If you had to force me to narrow it down to one series, I’d go with Joe Hill’s Locke & Key. The story of the Locke family’s supernatural struggles within Keyhouse, it’s amazing comics. Joe Hill is a master.

And Marvel’s Monday sale is pretty awesome, if a LITTLE smaller- Secret Wars Battleworld spotlight! The complete storylines that inspired two of Battleworld’s domains are on sale today- Old Man Logan and Planet Hulk!


Best Value: There’s no bundle or collections, so it depends on page count. However, since both of these are large storylines, I’m not going to recommend getting one single issue out of these storylines.


My recommendation: I lean a little more towards Planet Hulk, but both of these stories are pretty great. Pick your favorite and go nuts.

That’s it today! Go buy some comics!

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