Hey everyone- let’s take a deep breath and smile a little. The changes will take a couple days to get used to. Remember, Io9 likes us. We’ll be okay. :-) So hey, comics!

This is ALMOST as good as the IDW sale from earlier this week (which ends today!)- BOOM! Recent Hits are on sale until Monday night!

Best Value: A few collections are on sale, so they’re probably where you’ll get bang for your buck. Or BOOM! for your buck! Ha! (I should be ashamed of that one.)

My Recommendation: I haven’t read any of these, but based on reviews I would try Day Men, Memetic, Dead Letters and The Midas Flesh. All of them are all really well-reviewed from what I’ve seen.

Surprised this didn’t happen last month but Marvel has Daredevil miniseries on sale today only.


Best Value: I think a couple of the issues in the Dark Nights mini are double sized. That’s where you’ll see bang for your buck.

My Recommendation: Daredevil Yellow by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. These two are so reliably good it’s almost boring. But it’s not, so buy it.


Dejah Thoris from Dynamite is also on sale!

Best Value: The collections all look to be a pretty good deal.

My Recommendation: If you’re a John Carter fan, dive in. If you’re not, maybe take a pass until Carter’s own series is on sale.


It’s the second to last week of DC Comics’ Convergence!

Best Value: Batman: Red Rain- the vampire Batman graphic novel from Doug Moench and Kelley Jones.


My Recommendation: This sale is pretty weird again. We have JL Detroit, some random Superman and Wonder Woman... The clear winners though are Red Rain and New Teen Titans from Wolfman and Perez. Even the Teen Titans issues are a little on the weird side though. It’s the issues leading up to The Judas Contract, and immediately following that storyline, but not that famous story itself.

And just a reminder- ALL OF IDW is on sale through end of day today!