Happy Friday all! It’s been a cold and wet week here in the West.

BTW, everyone may wonder why I always seem to lead with the Marvel sales. It’s not because I’m a Marvel junkie- it’s just what’s listed first on Comixology’s site. :-)

Kind of a no-brainer for this week’s Marvel Friday sale- Thanos related material is on sale.


Best value: No bundles, no collections, so it looks like it would be The Thanos Imperative: Ignition one-shot.

My Recommendation: Infinity Gauntlet and The Thanos Imperative. Both are classic stories, well written, and great art. Infinity Gauntlet is the classic storyline that Infinity War parts 1 & 2 will borrow heavily from, and Thanos Imperative is the concluding story to the Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova cosmic Marvel line.


Week 5 of Convergence brings another Convergence Sale!


Best value: Looks like everything is just about the same, varying only a few pages.

My Recommendation: Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics starring Batwoman, with art (mostly) by JH Williams III. Fantastic comics. This is the best comics can be.


The Avengers collections sale is still on too!

So a little bit smaller week. I don’t see anything in the Kindle store or Play store from Image, IDW, Valiant, Boom! or Oni.