Hey everybody! I’m ba-ack! After a nice, long, job-search mandated break in this column, I’m back to let you know what’s going on with comic sales across the interwebs!

There’s some big digital comic news this week before I tell you about the sales of the week. MARVEL SINGLE ISSUES ARE NOW ON KINDLE! I don’t know if that means that the sales we see on Comixology weekly will be seen on Kindle or not, but I guess we’ll find out... well, this morning. :-)

The other big news is that Bongo Comics, the long-time Simpsons and Futurama publisher has pulled out of Comixology and are moving over to their own app. Interesting, but Bongo isn’t a big enough player for this to be more than a “Hmm, interesting” sort of tidbit.

Now, on to the main event!

The third week of DC’s massive new line-wide sale is this week through Monday at 11PM EST.


Best Value: This sale is huge, and there’s no collections, omnibi (omnibuses?), or bundles. That means it’s down to value per page. Sorry, I can’t tell you what that is.

My Recommendation: The COMPLETE Batman Eternal is on sale here. I’ve heard good and bad, but from what I’ve read of the series, it’s worth sampling it (maybe the first 6 issues?) over the weekend and picking up more if you like it. There’s also a lot of other great stuff- from the New 52 magic relaunch (including JL Dark and Constantine), to Earth 2, to Power Girl, to PREZ! There’s something for everyone here!


Over 700 Zenescope issues are on sale!


Best Value: It’s uniformly 50% of the entire line, so no one best value.

My Recommendation: Honestly, last time Zenescope had a sale, I said that I’m not the biggest fan of their cheesecake heavy style. However, they do have a continuation of Charmed in here, that may not be bad for fans of that show.

John Layman’s Chew from Image Comics is on sale all weekend!


Best Value: A bundle of 52 issues for just under $45. If you want to ease into it though, the first collection is 5 issues for $3.99, a great value too!

My Recommendation: This is simply a great series. Give it a try. If you know you like and want the complete series, get the bundle. If you’re unsure, and want to try it out, buy the first collection, read it today, then buy more over the weekend!


Select Marvel Collections are on sale for a limited time!


Best Value: Absolute Vision V1. It’s 420 pages for just under $4.

My Recommendations: It’s hard to pick out a single gem from all of these. Probably the best are Black Widow, one of my favorite Marvel books on the stands, and Thor: God of Thunder, one of my OTHER favorites.

If you believe Rich Johnston’s fear-mongering about the Fantastic Four, you’d be shocked about this next sale, but the first 64 issues of Fantastic Four are on sale from Marvel!


Best Value: No bundle or collections, so it depends on page count. Sorry.

My Recommendation: This is the series that the Marvel Universe was built on. Classic comics from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Buy what you can. This is great stuff.


A publisher I know nothing about Magnetic Press has ten series on sale for the entire weekend.


Best Value: It’s a straight 50% across the board.

My Recommendation: Like I said, I know nothing about these guys, and their offerings are eclectic. If any of it looks interesting, give it a try and report back.

Well, that looks to be it for the weekend! Go read some comics!