Morning everyone! I’m not actually here, I’m starting my new job today. So, this post is scheduled in advance. To go with that, IF there are any sales not list here, it’s because they weren’t posted when I wrote this, so definitely give us a heads up in the comments!

From the looks of it, there’s only two new sales of note. However, DC’s DC YOU sale that started last week is still on, so check that out (especially if you’re curious of about Batman Forever, or missed Palmiotti/Grey/Connor’s Power Girl).

Marvel’s Secret Wars Battleworld sales continue today!

Best Value: It’s by page count here, and that probably means the New X-Men 2001 Annual by Grant Morrison and Leinil Yu.

My Recommendations: This is a great sale! It’s another one of those something for everyone sales. There’s Morrison’s New X-Men (great writing, inconsistent art), Claremont and Lee’s X-Men (great art, inconsistent writing), Legendary Star-Lord (probably my second favorite All New Marvel Now series behind Black Widow), and the original Korvac Saga. Pick you poison and give it a read!


The second is Dynamite’s Recent Hits! (Which is likely on Dark Horse Digital as well, if you prefer that platform.)


Best Value: Going by percentage off original price, it looks like it’s either The Dresden Files: War Cry or Neil Gaiman’s The Last Temptation collections.

My Recommendation: This is another “something for everyone” sale. I haven’t read any of these, but I’ve read good reviews for Conan/ Red Sonja by Gail Simone and Jim Zub, The Dresden Files, the King Features series (Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Mandrake, the Phantom and Prince Valiant), Shaft, and the Devilers.

So go read some comics already!