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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 7/10/2015

Holy SDCC Batman! It’s like every publisher wants cheap wares available for the geek crowd this weekend! I wonder why...

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint basically has everything on sale this entire weekend!


Best Value: The Walking Dead and Invincible trade collections are a bit cheaper. But there are 25 free first issues of the various series in this sale. What better value is there than FREE?

My Recommendation: Really, Walking Dead and Invincible are the reasons why Kirkman is becoming a powerhouse. If you’ve never read them, give them a try. Birthright is fascinating on concept alone (basically what happens in a fantasy novel like the Narnia books when the kidnapped child returns to the real world), Manifest Destiny is STELLAR, and Thief of Thieves has some of the best creators in comics writing it.

ALSO- select Image #1’s are on sale for $0.99 at Google Play. Unfortunately, they’re not all on one page, so you have to do a little digging. :-(

Marvel’s massive Infinity event, plus some recent collections, are entirely on sale all weekend.


Best Value: Technically, it’s Deadpool: Dracula’s Gambit, but pretty much all of the collections are a great deal.


My Recommendation: Infinity is a good story with some badass moments, but you’ll need to buy all 24 issues- Infinity, Avengers and New Avengers- to get the whole story. It’s worth it to see Thor throw Mjolnir all the way around a planet to assassinate the leader of the alien invaders while he’s standing in front of him. Of the collections, all of them are pretty great. I’d point specifically towards Captain Marvel and the two Amazing Spider-Man collections.

26 of DC’s greatest event collections are on sale this weekend.


Best Value: Looks like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Superman Doomed are the best of the bunch, savings wise. EDIT: I looked a little closer, and the three Batman Knightfall collections are over 600 pages each, easily the big winner when it comes to value.

My Recommendation: Sinestro Corps War. Pretty much all the others pale in comparison to it. There are definitely some other greats in here though. Crisis, Batman RIP, JL: Throne of Atlantis...


Dark Horse’s entire line is on sale all weekend! This sale is also in effect at Google Play, Amazon, and presumably Dark Horse Digital.


Best Value: The omnibus of the various series, easily.

My Recommendation: Where to start? Umbrella Academy is one of my all-time favorites, and Hellboy is always fantastic. Dark Horse runs the gamut though, so just pick what you like and go from there.


Also, the Archie sale from Monday is still on, and it’s also in effect on Google Play. Added bonus on Play- Afterlife with Archie AND Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are both on sale over there!

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