Good morning comic geeks! It’s a good weekend for comic book sales. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem like any of the sales are patriotic! So way to go for being more international friendly? :-)

The Complete Spider Island is on sale all weekend from Marvel!

Best Value: It’s hard to say, but since this is all one big crossover, I wouldn’t just get one issue.

My Recommendation: If you haven’t read the core story (contained in the Amazing Spider-Man and Venom issues), it’s worth it. It’s the Spider-Man story that cemented Dan Slott as a personal favorite spider-writer of mine. There are some really well done side stories too- I’d recommend Amazing Spider-Girl, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu and Cloak & Dagger.

Dynamite’s Gold Key titles are on sale all weekend!


Best Value: The collections of the titles are great deals.

My Recommendation: Doctor Spektor is by Mark Waid, which always makes it an instant recommendation from me. The other three are all really good too. It’s just too bad they’re not still running.

Boom!’s Sons of Anarchy series is on sale all weekend too!


Best Value: The first collection is 6 issues for $5, so I’d start there.

My Recommendation: I’ve heard good things but I’m not a fan of the show. If you’re a fan of SOA, try the first collection.

DC Comics Eisner winners are on sale through Monday night!


Best Value: It depends on page count, and I think that’s Kingdom Come.

My Recommendation: All of it. All of these are award winners for a reason.

Image’s New Hits are also on sale all weekend!


Best Value: The collections are all a great price.

My Recommendations: I haven’t read many of these because they’re a little too new, BUT they’re pretty much all well-reviewed. I would specifically call out the first arcs of Wytches, Bitch Planet, Descender, and Nameless. However, there’s a lot represented here by a variety of fantastic creators, so take a look and try something new!

What are you still sitting here for- go!