Happy Monday to all! Hopefully all the Americans here have fingers and eyebrows intact.

Pretty much all of last Friday’s sales except Spider-Island are still going on, so check those out.

A sampling of Archie titles are on sale through next Monday night.

Best Value: All of these are 50% off, but I would point to the three Best of Archie volumes.

My Recommendation: Archie has been surprisingly good recently. Look at the more recent issues and grab some of those. I would definitely recommend the final issue of Archie v1 (issue #666 oddly enough). Unfortunately the highly acclaimed Archie Horror titles are not on this sale, sorry.


The complete Age of Apocalypse (or almost complete as the Age of Apocalypse series from three years ago isn’t here) is on sale today from Marvel.


Best Value: The bookend one-shots- X-Men Alpha, X-Men Omega, and X-Men Prime- all have the highest page count. Prime is kind of stand-alone-ish, but the others wouldn’t be as good without the story in the middle.

My Recommendation: My favorite two of all of these titles are Astonishing X-Men and Weapon X. Amazing X-Men is pretty good too. In Astonishing, I love the Blink/Sabretooth relationship, and if Marvel was smart they’d base the newly reformed Sabretooth largely on this version. Weapon X is just a damn good Wolverine story.


That’s all that’s new today. Now go read some damn comics!