Greetings all and happy Friday! I hope the day is going awesome for y’all! Let’s just jump right in.

Rick Remender’s Image work is on sale through the weekend.

Best Value: Looks like it might be the collections of Black Science and Deadly Class (the second volume of each as a matter of fact). I’ve read both and prefer the former over the latter.

My Recommendation: I’ve only read the first issues of several of these series, but I really enjoyed Black Science. I haven’t had a chance to read Low, but it’s extremely well-reviewed. Remender is a great writer, so it’s worth reading his stuff. Sample first issues today maybe, and make a decision over the weekend!

Marvel’s New Warriors is on sale today only.


Best Value: It’s all singles, so depends on page count folks, sorry. That would probably make it the two annuals from the classic series.

My Recommendation: The sale includes both the most recent series and the first 17 issues (plus annuals) of the classic New Warriors. The most recent series was actually a lot of fun, probably the best of the numerous NW revivals. The classic series is fantastic work from Mark Bagley and Fabian Nicieza. In other words, both are worth checking out.

Classic Savage Sword of Conan is on sale through the weekend from Dark Horse.


Best Value: It’s a 30% cut across the board, so it’s deuces.

My Recommendation: It’s classic Conan books from Roy Thomas and many others. If Howard’s Barbarian has ever interested you, check it out.

Green Lantern’s 75th anniversary is being celebrated by a pretty big GL sale!


Best Value: The Sinestro Corps special from Johns and Van Sciver. Which is also a damn good story on top of it.

My Recommendation: Once again, DC completely baffles me with one of their sales. This sale is to celebrate 75 years of GL... by only putting comics less than a decade old on sale... Sure, that means it’s Geoff Johns’ run, which is fantastic (just pick up all of the Sinestro Corps War storyline- do it now). So in other words, yes, give it a try, read as much as you can... but remember there’s a crap load more of great comics in GL’s history that got missed in this sale.

All of Action Lab’s releases are 50% off all weekend!


Best Value: Everything’ 50% off, so that doesn’t really matter, does it? :-)

My Recommendation: I’ve only read a couple Action Lab titles, but they look fun. Princeless is the one I’ve actually heard most about, and it’s pretty well reviewed. This is one of those sales where you just have to browse through and pick up what catches your eye.

Transformers: Combiner Wars, IDW’s recent line-wide crossover, is on sale through the weekend!


Best Value: The two collections.

My Recommendation: It’s about giant transforming robots combining to become even more giant transforming robots. In other words, if you like Transformers, this is a must read.


What are you waiting for- get out there and read some comics!