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Digital Comics On the Cheap- 9/18/2015

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s talk cheap comics!

The Mouse Guard is one of the most beautiful independent comics being published today.


Best Value: The first three collections are around 60% off.

My Recommendation: Like I said, these are beautiful comics. Give the first volume a try, then the rest of the series if you dig that.

In honor of the Small Press Expo, select comics are 50% off all weekend!

Best Value: It’s a straight 50% for everything, sorry.

My Recommendation: I didn’t even know that a lot of these even existed before today, but I do see She Died in Terrebone, a collection of a webcomic by Kevin Church who’s reliably good, and Snipe, a one-shot by the Immonens (Kathryn and Stuart). Give them and some other indie stuff a try!


It’s safe to say that Rocket is the breakout star of the Guardians of the Galaxy revival. Now his complete Marvel Now series plus some older Rocket comics are on sale through end of day today!


Best Value: Depends on page count, but the last few issues of the series were still $3.99 before this sale and will be again after.

My Recommendation: Buy all of the Skottie Young series, and sample some of the other stuff (including the original Rocket Raccoon series which featured Mike Mignola art!!). You won’t regret it.


Kurt Busiek’s Astro City is one of the greatest modern creator-owned series, if not one of the great all-time comic series. And the majority of it is on sale through Monday night!


Best Value: Looks to depend on page count, sorry.

My Recommendation: All of it. It’s that good. These are superhero comics at their best, and for the most part told from the man on the street’s perspective.


Now what are you doing still sitting here- go read some comics!

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