So it’s been, what, two months since I did one of these? You guys get it. Real life is busy. But today’s a slow day and THERE ARE SO MANY COMICS ON SALE. I think it’s worth giving everyone a heads up!

First up- STAR WARS!

Five first issues of Marvel’s Star Wars comics! I’ve read all but Kanan (which I didn’t because I don’t watch Rebels). All of them are great. The only disappointment is that it’s not the first storyline of each.

Keeping up with Marvel- 13 First Volumes from 2015 are on sale- $5 each!


Interesting enough, no Inhumans OR X-Men. Weird, eh?

Of this sale, the best volumes, IMO, are Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Moon Knight and Thor. Pretty much all of these are very good, although Spider-Man (Amazing and Ultimate) and Avengers both rely pretty heavily on what came immediately before these relaunches.

The last Marvel offering is Secret Wars #1’s!


I’ve read pretty much none of these so far, so I can’t make recommendations based on what I’ve read. However, if any of them sound interesting to you, buy it and try it out! There’s 49 individual issues here and I’ve heard good and bad about many of them.

Moving on to DC, they’re offering a MASSIVE collections sale.


If you’re looking for value, look to the “best” style volumes, such as the Tales of the Batman volumes from JH Williams III, Len Wein, and Archie Goodwin, or Robin/Batgirl Year One. If you’re looking for quality, look at the Superman volumes, with collections from Loeb/Sale and Busiek, the aforementioned Robin/Batgirl volume, or the three Brubaker/Cooke Catwoman collections.

Strangely enough, no Flash, Green Arrow, or Supergirl... But there is a bunch of Silver Age JLA, which Legends of Tomorrow seems to be drawing inspiration from.

Everything digital from Image pretty much ever is on sale a buck an issue.


Image is what Vertigo used to be... except they’re doing it across their ENTIRE LINE. Everything is good and it just depends on what sort of thing you want to read. There’s fantasy (I Hate Fairyland, The Autumnlands, Rat Queens, Wicked + Divine), scifi (Saga, Paper Girls, We Stand on Guard- yes, all three from Brian K Vaughn), horror (Walking Dead, Wytches), comedy (Sex Criminals), even less common stuff like weird westerns (Manifest Destiny and Reed Gunter), crime/noir books (Southern Bastards and The Fade Out) and so much more.

This sale is also on Image’s webstore and Google Play. It doesn’t appear to be on Amazon Kindle though. The great thing about Image is that they offer DRM free backups (as PDFs or CBZ files) so you can buy it where you prefer then upload it into your preferred platform for reading.

I caught up with Saga, Wic+Div, Morning Glories, Black Science and Manifest Destiny. I also personally love Rat Queens and Wytches (although I was already caught up on those from a previous sale). I know I’m also going to try one new thing, because I picked up Spread and Birthright during Image’s NYCC sale and really enjoyed them. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Not quite as big but still pretty massive- Dynamite’s entire line is also on sale!

Dynamite’s entire line is as diverse as Image’s, with a mixture of licensed titles (James Bond, Army of Darkness), revamped classic properties (Vampirella, Project Superpowers), and so much more. Just browse this one, because I can’t even start to make recommendations.


Oni Press has a much smaller, but still great sale.

It includes all seven Scott Pilgrim volumes (aka a must buy) and the first four Rick & Morty issues. If you buy nothing else, buy those.


The IDW Discovery Sale includes first volumes of most of IDW’s titles.

This is another “something for everyone” sale with a good mixture of creator owned and licensed comics, but I dig IDW’s Trek series, and their TMNT stuff. I’ve also hear their GI Joe and Ghostbusters series are a lot of fun. 30 Days of Night and Locke & Key are both must buys though.


One more really big one- 50 Dark Horse First Issues!

This is another hard one to make recommendations, but The Goon is always consistently good. This one would also be going on in the DHC Digital Store and Google Play.


It looks like there are a few manga sales too, but I won’t even begin to guess at what to recommend there.

So get out of here and go read some comics!