The entirety of my comics purchases nowadays are digital. Lucky me, you can get comics super cheap through Comixology, Amazon, and Google Play. So this is going to be my semi-regular effort to help others keep up with digital comics on the cheap. Check it out.

So before I get into the current sales, I've found the perfect cadence to check out sales for cheap comics. And just a disclaimer- I don't use Apple products, so I don't know about the iBook store at all. All of these may apply over there or none of them may.

Marvel has a $.99 sale every Monday and Friday on single issues for at least 24 hours (sometimes the Friday sale is all weekend and the Monday sale is M-Th). The sale starts at 11PM EST the night before in the US. I don't know the time it goes live internationally. These are usually pretty random, but watch multimedia releases to guess what might be coming up. Secret Warriors (starring Daisy Johnson) went on sale the Monday before Agents of SHIELD returned. Every time there's a movie release, there's a sale featuring that character. You get the picture. Marvel does not sell single issues on Play or the Kindle store. They also put a block of collections on sale monthly for $3.99 on the Marvel app, Comixology, and Kindle. Last month it was Avengers. This month, Daredevil. Usually there's a different sale on Play as well. Marvel issues do have DRM, purchases cannot cross platforms and do not feature PDF back-ups.

DC has at least two seven day sales a month, starting on Tuesdays and running through the following Monday night at 11PM EST. Sometimes it's one a week/four a month, sometimes it's every other week, but I've found it's usually at least two a month. They vary between featuring single issues and collections (last month they had a Harley Quinn collections sale, a Superman collections sale and a Flash single issues sale). DC sticks closely to multimedia releases- The Flash's return from the mid-season break coincided with the single issue sale, and iZombie was on sale the same week as the series premiere. DC does sell single issues on Kindle, and Play in addition to Comixology, so these sales usually cross over to those platforms. DC issues also do have DRM, purchases cannot cross platforms and do not feature PDF back-ups.

Image usually does two to four weekend sales a month on all platforms except Kindle. These sales usually feature both collections and single issues. Image does feature DRM free back-ups, so you can buy the issues on Comixology, then read them on Play Books, and vice versa.

Other publishers are random. Boom, IDW and Valiant tend to have at least one sale a month, so check Comixology, Kindle or Play once or twice a week.


So with that business down, let's look at this week's sales! (Links go to Comixology.)

The big one this weekend- The Walking Dead up to issue #132 is on sale for $.99 for singles, $5.99 for collections, and on Comixology $39.99 for bundles of 48 issues each.


The bundles are obviously the best deal, but they only take you up to issue 96 or so, so you'll have to go to the collections or singles past that point. It's deuces on whether the singles or collections are the better sale. Buying the singles over the collections will only save you a nickel, unless the collection features a seventh issue. Walking Dead is really good at collecting every six issues to a volume.

My recommendation: If you like the Walking Dead, all of this sale is gold.

Marvel's Friday sale of the week is Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk. This sales includes 20 issues of the regular series, a special and an annual.


This is entirely single issues, so the best value depends on page count, in which case the annual wins with 32 pages for $.99.


My recommendation: If it's by Mark Waid, I'll recommend it, almost without exception. In particular, the opening arc with art by Leinil Yu is great, setting up the series' high concept and featuring a Hulk/Attuma throw down, the following arc features a Hulk/Thor team-up with Walt Simonson art (which is an instant buy), and the "Agent of TIME" arc running through issues #11-15 is just plain fantastic. The only thing in this set I wouldn't recommend is the special, which is the middle part of a three-issue crossover with All-New X-Men and Superior Spider-Man. It's a good story, but without the other two parts, it's not worth it.

DC's offering this week is a massive Road to Convergence sale featuring a lot of alternate reality wars and Crises.


This is all singles again, so best value depends on page count. The sale's too big for me to have gone through to find which issue is the best value.

My recommendation: Crisis on Infinite Earths, hands down. Still a fantastic story with great art. Also, it wouldn't hurt if you've been curious about World's End or Future's End to pick up the first six issues. Since the sale doesn't end until Monday night, you'd even have time to buy more of the series if you like what you see, and you're only out a few bucks if you don't.


Next on Comixology is IDW's X-Files Season 10. Well timed IDW, well timed. The sale started Tuesday morning. When did the revival announcement happen? Tuesday night?


The best value depends on page count again.

My recommendation: I haven't read any of this series, so I can't vouch for it. But if you're an X-Files fan, DIG IN!

Lastly, is Bob Kirkman's other long running Image series Invincible!


The latest issue is FREE! No better value than that. Invincible has been good in the past. I can't speak to the current status of the series, but hey, free is free.