Happy Force Friday everyone! I have now figured out the plot of The Force Awakens, thanks to the toys, and just you wait until you see Mara Jade-Skywalker in flashback!

Marvel has a sale on classic Star Wars comics collections which is basically all the best stuff that Dark Horse put out, plus an Omnibus of the classic Marvel series.

Best Value: The aforementioned “A Long Time Ago...” omnibus, which is the first 27 issues of the classic Marvel series. 499 pages for $4.99. I don’t think I’ve seen comics for exactly a penny a page in all of these sales. :-)

My Recommendation: All three omnibi (classic, X-Wing and KOTOR) are great comics, and pretty hefty volumes. In the Shadow of Yavin is very well reviewed, and I’m finally going to pick it up. Both volumes of Legacy are fantastic. And you CANNOT go wrong with Star Wars Tales, the long-running SW anthology. I’m seriously so glad that Marvel isn’t just ignoring these great comics that DH spent years publishing.

The world’s greatest robot action-adventure-scientist Atomic Robo has a massive collections sale going on all weekend!


Best Value: These are all roughly the same (give or take a few pages), so it’s deuces when it comes to value.

My Recommendation: If you have $45, all of it. Atomic Robo is one of the best comics published outside of the big three. I particularly liked volume 4, which features an invasion from a vampire dimension, and volume 5, which is a flashback to when Robo was still pretty new and inexperienced.


Dark Horse has a fairly BIG omnibus sale.

Best Value: I think it would be the Tarzan omnibus, which is 505 pages for just under $7.


My Recommendation: Grendel and Nexus. Creator owned comics at their best from some of the best.

DC Comics has various series that their TV shows are based on- Gotham Central, Green Arrow, Flash and iZombie. Interesting enough, Katana is pretty heavily included here. Is she returning to Arrow and I just didn’t realize it?


Best Value: It’s all singles, and so it’s all based on page count per issue, so... sorry Charlie.

My Recommendation: All of Jeff Lemire’s run on Green Arrow is here, and I will recommend Lemire any time. Also, Geoff Johns’ last Flash arc (on Wally at least) The Rogue War is one of the BEST Flash stories ever. It’s good enough that, even though I own the paper issues, I may re-buy it.

And lastly, but not least-ly... the mostly complete Superior Spider-Man is on sale from Marvel. (It doesn’t include the two Spider-Verse prequel issues that were published after the rest of the series ended.)


Best Value: The two annuals and the double-sized final issue.

My Recommendation: The series is really well done. I hated it at first, mostly because I know that Slott and editorial were just so clearly lying when they insisted that Spidey would be Otto Octavius forever. However, after we knew WHEN Peter was coming back, I dug into the series whole-heartedly, and it’s GREAT. This is a long way of saying that I recommend ALL of this series. The arcs I’d point out in particular are the first arc, Breakout (issues 11-13) featuring a Spidey-Lizard team-up, Necessary Evil (issues 17-19) with the return of Spider-Man 2099, and the final arc, Goblin Nation (issues 27-31).


What are you doing still sitting here?! Go read some comics!