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Digital Comics on the Cheap- May the Fourth 2015

May the Fourth Be with You! (AKA the worst pun in geekdom.)

Marvel is taking full advantage of it- Star Wars Legends collections are on sale until 11pm EST tonight!


Best Value: The Omnibus of the original Marvel Comics series (A Long Time Ago)- 491 pages for $4.99- just over a penny a page!

My Recommendation: The Brian Wood series from 2012, both Star Wars Legacy, and Star Wars Tales are all great! Actually, pretty much all of this is good stuff! (This sale is also available on Kindle)

The Secret Wars are coming! And both John Hickman Avengers series are on sale!


Best Value: Bundles of both complete series. About 69% off the series.

My Recommendation: It’s hard to recommend one distinct story, as this is all one big story. Maybe avoid the Infinity tie-ins, because the main mini series isn’t included in this sale. Otherwise, I would give the first arcs a try then go from there.


Week 4 of Convergence bring more Convergence related sales!


Best Value: It’s dependent on page count. Just guessing but that’s probably Gotham by Gaslight or Superman Red Son.

My Reommendation: DC One Million, Red Son or Gotham by Gaslight. All great stories.


Last week’s My Little Pony sale is still going on too!

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