Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Digital Comics On the Cheap- Mid-Week Edition

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I skipped Monday’s post because there was only one new sale, which goes through tomorrow night.This is one that no one wants to miss though.


Mark Waid’s complete Daredevil is on sale through tomorrow night.

My Recommendation: Let me tell you, this is Daredevil at his best. While most writers since the 80's have tried to go gritty noir with DD, Waid went the opposite direction. Matt is HAPPY in this run, he kicks ass, and is a damn good lawyer. The art is superb through out, starting with a Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin tag-team, before Chris Samnee took over with #12 for the rest of the run (excepting a few small fill-ins).


In other words, but it all. Buy as much of it as you can afford. Whatever. Just buy it. It’s 58 issues split over two volumes, and it’s just one of the best comic books you will read. Period. Not best Daredevil. Not best Marvel. Not best superhero. Best.

But don’t buy the first arcs of each series. Instead, buy the collections of those arcs, which are on sale right now too, for cheaper.


Best value: The Daredevil 0.1 bridge story between the two volumes is actually a four issue Infinite Comic crammed together in one package. It’s great.

Everything else on sale, I’ll cover on Friday!

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